Voip call. Between Yahoo and AOL.

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Since I'm in abroad. I need a cheap communication between Moskva to Jakarta. Megafon, my local selullar operator in Russia promise me to give cheap rate to calling overseas (as they told). But for me isn't really cheap (7 rubble/ minute is equivalent with US$ 0.28/ minute). Then I tried to find another operator which can give me lowest price. After googling around, I found Yahoo voice and AOL have better price than Megafon. Then after several research, Yahoo have lowest price than AOL. See comparison below:

*destination is Indonesia

Yahoo :
- Indonesia US$ 0.90
- Indonesia, Jakarta US$ 0.039
- Indonesia, Mobile US$ 0.152
- Indonesia, Surabaya US$ 0.079

- Indonesia US$ 0.100
- Indonesia, Jakarta US$ 0.050
- Indonesia, Mobile US$ 0.190
- Indonesia, Surabaya US$ 0.050

See.. Yahoo voice have lowest price in almost all area except for Surabaya, when AOL can give us lowest price than Yahoo voice.

Soekarno "diasinkan"

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Hehehe... dasar detik dot com. Pahlawan kok diasinkan.

*ternyata sudah di edit detik com*

Linux sysadmin for hire

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My name is Darmawan Wicaksono. Twenty something years old. Currently live in Ленингра́дский проспе́кт, Moscow, Russia. I'm Linux sysadmin with 5 years experience. Proficience in Bahasa Indonesia and English both spoken and written. Now, I just take my preparation class (currently Russian language class) before I take my Magister class in late 2008. With language class only four days a week, I just thinking my ability in linux administration will be waste in Moscow. So, I decide to rent my ability in Linux administration. If you need an experienced Linux sysadmin (it could be remote or on site), you can contact me by email at wa2n [at] mercubuana-it.org, or just call me at +79268541872.

Here with I enclose my experienced :
  1. Debian sysadmin at Mercu Buana University (an Indonesian University located at Indonesian capital, Jakarta) since 2003 - 2006.
  2. Web admin at www.mercubuana-it.org, an information technology community forum since 2006 - now.
  3. Debian and Ubuntu sysadmin at Department of National Education of Indonesia since 2006 - 2008.

When snow falls...

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Part of lesson...

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Nangis-nangis dah baca ginian :((

Sendal lucu...

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Semenjak Acer gw diminta paksa ma Adekku sayang. Akhirnya terbeli juga IBM T60. Laptop ini *nunjuk kebawah*

Mesin kerja yang bandel. Memory ditambah jadi 3 GB. Meskipun harus mengorbankan casing yang pengaitnya sedikit bocel *teknisi sux*.

Tapi kemaren habis update ke Microsoft, malam tadi malah LAN card gak dikenali. Reboot, baru deh idup lagi.

Apa ada kekurang kompitebalan ya? Secara ini udah Gigabyte ethernet.