Hellooo ini ari nih mau nanya

Thursday, June 28, 2007 | | 3 komentar |

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Waw... whata busy time

Wednesday, June 27, 2007 | Label: | 0 komentar |

A lot of job I must to do. Still working on Buka Buku family website. And much homework, Gramedia, Scriptlance, ISO stuff, digitalitation, etc.

Puff whata busy day..

Huraiiii... I can post to blogger using Flock :D

Thursday, June 21, 2007 | Label: | 4 komentar |

Damn!! Solution is so simple. Before this, I can't post to blogger used Flock. But then, Joe from here told us if we must use "username@gmail.com" when we wanna post to blogger. So, just put "@gmail.com" at behind your username.

Damn!! It just so simple :D

Opss... what is Flock? Just point out your browser at here.

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Ubuntu Feisty and WPA Personal on Linksys WAP54G

Wednesday, June 20, 2007 | Label: | 2 komentar |

I was found great tutorial in here, how to connect Ubuntu Feisty to Linksys WAP54G using WPA Personal. What I must to do is,

  1. Make sure you have wpasupplicant installed on your Ubuntu box.
  2. Create a file called /etc/default/wpasupplicant, add entry ENABLED=0 and save the file.
  3. sudo touch /etc/default/wpasupplicant
  4. Reboot your system.
Once you login back to your machine, left click on your wireless icon. Choose connect to Other Wireless Network, and put your SSID on it, then choose Wireless Security on WPA Personal. Last step, just put your password on it.

Feed by category in Blogger

Tuesday, June 19, 2007 | Label: | 0 komentar |

When I ask People from planet.ubuntu-id.org to add my blog to their agregator, then they asked me back how to feed by category on blogger, for wordpress they already know it. Coz, I want their agregator only feed my blog with Linux category (in blogger they call it Label). By little searching, then I found it here.

Example URL is like this :


Cube effect on Ubuntu totaly lost

Monday, June 18, 2007 | Label: | 6 komentar |

View weeks ago, after routine update. My ubuntu box missed their ability to did cube effect. At that time, it wasn't a big deal. Coz I have a lot of jobs where I must finished imedietly. And everything still works without cube effect.

But, several days after my jobs done. I missed my cube effect. Coz, al cheapo Acer laptop with cube effect is realy cool right? ;)
Forget the price, just see the power of Ubuntu with XGL/Compiz, did jelly and cube effect.

Main problem is, my workspace suddenly become only one. The others has gone... Without others workspace (usually I've four workspace), cube effect didn't work. And this morning I've clue from Ubuntu forum. What I must to do is, open "gconf-editor" and change the value of

to 4 and change the value of

to 1

After that, everything seems to work now!! :D

*thanks Abhatt