Microphone on Ubuntu Gutsy

Monday, November 26, 2007 | Label: | |

Still no clue how to make microphone work on Ubuntu Gutsy.

Specification :
- alsa-driver
- snd-hda-intel
- Ubuntu 7.10

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  1. Ongo says:

    how about this :

    you switch to Windows XP and i'm sure you microphone will work smoothly...

    n i can give u discount if u want...

    hehhehheh... :P

  2. Me.! says:

    Umm... Back to Microsoft Windows? Don't make me laugh dude...

  3. Stuart says:

    you switch to Windows XP and i'm sure you microphone will work smoothly...

    Sacrifice a virus free operating system for a virus and trojan infested EULA ridden XP world just to get a microphone working.
    Yea that has to be a leg pull right ??

  4. linuxhappy says:

    Have you tried lookin at alsa mixer:


  5. Ongo says:

    @stuart :

    Linux is NOT Virus Free...

    first as you can see that clamav, avg, symantec, etc has an antivirus for linux, they make antivirus for Linux because there is virus in Linux..

    second Linux is not the dominant desktop computing platform, many people still using Windows(that's including me), that's why is less Virus in Linux than in Windows...

  6. Anonymous says:

    Antivirus utilities like clamav on linux are for windows based viruses. They were developed. They were developed so that the unaffected linux server doesn't act as a virus reservoir spreading the virus to networked windows computers.

    There are no linux viruses i have heard of. Much of the virus problems on windows are due to the M$ Legacy of slow security updates. So slow that that there is enough time to write a virus to exploit them and spread it worldwide. Linux is also inherently more secure, requiring security permissions to make system wide changes. The reasons go on...

  7. Anonymous says:

    Linux has virus software because they replace buggy Windows file servers. If you're holding windows files, you might as well be sure that the windows system that put them on the file server wasn't infected. Just another layer in the 3rd party protection of the windows mess.

    Linux is a major server platform. This is demonstrated by the number of SSH attacks a linux server gets. If there is a way to get into the machine, they'd do it. The problem is, the machines are inherently more secure and don't allow the abuse that the Windows structure does. When something does get in, it rarely gains full permission to the system. It is rare that a Linux user or program runs with admin rights wide open.

    It helps to think about security before shipping the product...